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Grants are available for all programs EXCEPT sports through ACE Ohio


Our tutoring program allows your child to focus on what is needed to not only pass tests but also absorb the information and appreciate its value.  We tutor for understanding and comprehension of the theories and principles of the education content each child is learning in school.  We also take the time to understand how your child learns in order to best support their success! 

NOCL Mentoring Program is a world-class program catering to girls ages 10-15 years old.  From group discussions to field trips and community service, our mentees gain so much from their membership that they find themselves not wanting to leave after they turn 16!  Our program leaders are knowledgeable and work to provide real-world skills to help navigate the teen years.  

Our sports program is unmatched! Not only are we present in multiple schools, but we also have individual students joining our programs each year!  We foster a team player mentality all while building up confidence, boosting self-esteem, and getting children up and out from in front of their video games!  NOCL teaches the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship in every area of our program!


Looking for a new and exciting way for your child to learn a sport while also learning STEM concepts? Well NOCL is bringing STEM and Sports. This hands-on method of learning the STEM fundamentals behind the game of basketball and volleyball will drive students towards their goals of not only becoming better players, but also becoming better students as they will get the answers to the “why” questions that surround the game. This program will assist students’ growth and potential both on and off the court.

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